Why become a member

There are plenty of reasons to become a member of The APMA.

Industry Expertise

Join a network of industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators who are shaping the future of affiliate, partner and performance marketing. Work with the brightest minds and shape the future of the industry


Become a member of an exclusive, quality-focused club and get the badge to prove it. In 2024 The APMA will also look to create extra accreditation for publishers to show they are brand approved partners.


In 2024 The APMA will start creating an unrivalled training programme for new starters, companies looking to train up their employees or for those just looking for a refresher course. Sign up for access.

Advocacy and Representation

The APMA will represent and fight for the affiliate and partner marketing industries at the highest level, helping to elevate and raise awareness of the ongoing work to advance the channels.


Access exclusive resources, webinars, and workshops that provide valuable insights into the latest trends, best practices, and strategies. Stay ahead of the curve with our continually updated content.

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy member-exclusive discounts and freebies on industry tools, software and services to help you maximise your marketing efforts and return on investment, staying one step ahead of the competition.

Data & Insights

The APMA will build out exclusive data insights and benchmarking in 2024 which will only be available for members to use. Get ongoing access to data that helps contextualise the size of the industries.

Media, PR and Marketing

A vital part of the focus for 2024 will be on promoting the channel to as wide an audience as possible. You will be able to showcase your success and wins to The APMA subscribers and further afield.


A key focus for The APMA will be in raising standards and creating new codes for members and the wider industry to adhere to. Help shape these and gain access to the full suite of documents.

Together we grow.