Code of Conduct

The APMA’s Code of Conduct is the guiding set of principles we and our members believe in and have committed to. They show we aspire to higher standards and will work collegiately to support the wider industry and champion success with integrity, transparency and professionalism.


Act ethically, with integrity and transparency

1.1 Conduct business with honesty and transparency and provide accurate information in our interactions with affiliates, networks, partners, suppliers and advertisers.
1.2 Pledge to engage in fair and ethical practices in our affiliate and partner marketing activities. We will adhere to industry standards and best practices.
1.3 Act with integrity in our work, avoiding deceptive, fraudulent and unethical practices. We uphold the highest standards to build trust and credibility within the affiliate and partner marketing community.


Advocate for, and positively promote, the industry

2.1 Communicate positively about the affiliate and partner marketing industry and champion its successes and how it contributes to the UK’s digital economy
2.2 Initiate, collaborate and support a range of activities that showcase and celebrate best practice and innovation
2.3 Help deliver insights and research, and create training and educational materials that promote affiliate and partner marketing
2.4 Display the APMA’s logos on our company assets and positively promote the association to our customers


Champion and celebrate diversity

3.1 Celebrate the channel’s diversity and create an industry that promotes equality of opportunity.
3.2 Commit to treating all individuals with respect and dignity, regardless of their background, identity, or characteristics.
3.3 Encourage open communication, collaboration, and mutual support among all members
3.4 Create an environment where diverse perspectives and experiences are valued and welcomed


Respect confidentiality and stick to the rules

4.1 Respect the confidentiality of customer data and commercial relationships
contributes to the UK’s digital economy
4.2Protect this information and ensure it’s not compromised or used to the detriment of others
4.3 Follow and adhere to all applicable legal requirements and obligations


Raise standards and elevate the industry

5.1 Contribute to initiatives that positively advance the industry and further build trust through best practice guides and self-regulatory directives
5.2 Aim for better and devise ways of developing mutually beneficial processes that are respectful of all parts of the industry
5.3 Advocate for new practices that the APMA develops to help drive up standards.

Together we grow.