The APMA agrees on members’ guiding principles in Code of Conduct

The Affiliate and Partner Marketing Association has chosen five core pillars that will define its mission and purpose.

With a focus on acting with integrity, raising standards and elevating the industry, The APMA will also respect the confidentiality of members, abide by the laws governing advertising and marketing, as well as celebrate and embrace diversity.

Any trade body needs guiding principles that determine the direction it takes and the focus it has, as well as the overarching beliefs of its members, so their importance cannot be overestimated. They will act as a touchstone for all members when defining, creating and rolling out future initiatives.

The APMA founder, Kevin Edwards said, “defining the code of conduct may sound like a formality but it’s one of the most important elements of establishing the trade body. The five pillars will always act as a yardstick for all members against which we can be measured. They always show non-members and any external bodies that we’re a professional organisation striving for excellence”.

The five principles are:

  1. Act ethically with integrity and transparency
  2. Advocate for and positively promote the industry
  3. Champion and celebrate diversity
  4. Respect confidentiality and stick to the rules
  5. Raise standards and elevate the industry

Read about each in greater detail.