Subnetworks: a users’ guide about how to use them and what you can expect from them

Subnetworks are a collection of publishers operating as a single publisher on an affiliate network or affiliate agency.

Where affiliate networks provide the service and tracking solution for advertisers, subnetworks make the advertiser programmes and the tracking available for their sub-publishers to use without the need to sign up to an affiliate network.

Subnetworks join affiliate networks as a regular publisher would and sub-publishers sign up to the subnetworks, so they’re just dealing with one publisher who represents all advertisers, rather than a network representing many.

Subnetworks often offer additional services, reports or tools to their sub-publishers that can make it easier for them to monetise their websites. For using a subnetwork and its features, a sub-publisher can expect to sacrifice a percentage of their commission earnings from generating a sale.

Read on and download your invaluable matrix that shows what you can expect to receive from each subnetwork partner.