Next up in our Meet the Member series, we speak to Lee-Ann Johnstone, the CEO and Founder of Affiverse. She talks to us about Affiverse, why they’ve joined The APMA and what trends she thinks will be important in 2024.


Tell us a little bit about Affiverse
Affiverse is an affiliate marketing agency, media and training company. We help advertisers run their affiliate programs and scale their sales. Our media and events business help affiliates and affiliate managers all over the world learn the latest trends and best practices on affiliate marketing and program management. Our training program – offers in depth training and weekly coaching helping affiliate managers working advertiser, network and agency side keep abreast of new ways of working to deliver program success at scale.


What do you feel you bring to the affiliate mix?
Our award winning team has over two decades of affiliate marketing experience and knowledge to share gained across wide range of industries, from iGaming to e-Commerce and B2B SaaS. As a boutique privately owned agency our approach to growing our client programs is definitely not cookie cutter. We think “out of the box” and this is what our clients and publishers enjoy the most along with our white glove personalised services.


When you speak to your clients, what is their general feeling towards the affiliate and partner marketing channels?
Positive buy-in and a desire to learn how to harness this channel is the general consensus we have with clients that knock on our doors. Our team relishes the opportunity to show and deliver how well the channel can perform when managed correctly with a clear strategy plan being put in place.


What could The APMA be doing to help build closer relationships with them and secure bigger budgets?
Deliver great insights gleaned from all aspects of our affiliate ecosystem so that everyone can benefit from knowledge that’s still held in silos. That’s a key reason why we have joined The APMA as an early founding member for Affiverse to contribute to these discussions industry wide.


Why did you want to become a founding member of The APMA?
Affiverse has always existed to serve the world with insights on how to run affiliate marketing programs – better. The APMA is on the same mission, therefore we are joining forces together to reach a wider community and help everyone in it benefit from the knowledge- together.


Are there any specific APMA projects that you want Affiverse to be part of?
None in particular – but we’re happy to contribute and support initiatives that align to our mission statement and goals.


What is the number one topic you think the industry should be tackling in 2024?
How AI will change affiliate marketing, what best practices need to be put in place on the use of AI and user generated content.


What other trends are you anticipating will be front of mind?
Tracking, Influencer marketing and SEO in relation to AI driven search as well as how media may change with cookie deprecation in the year ahead.


Thanks to Lee-Ann, if you want to find out more about Affiverse, why not visit their APMA profile.