We spoke to Cristian Bobocel, Technical Account Manager at financeAds, for our Cracking Tracking: Network Q&A.


In one sentence, what makes your tracking so good?
At financeAds, our tracking technology excels due to its seamless integration, real-time data accuracy and robust compliance with GDPR and forthcoming privacy regulations.


Now explain to me how it works as if I’m a five-year-old…
Imagine you have a magic notebook where you jot down every time your friend comes over and the games you play. Every time they visit because you invited them, your parents give you a star sticker. Our tracking is like that magic notebook, making sure you get your star every time someone visits because of your invite.


How are we going to get rid of third-party cookies from the affiliate channel once and for all?
We’re proactively transitioning to server-side and first-party tracking technologies, which are more reliable and privacy-friendly than third-party cookies. This move not only aligns with global privacy trends but ensures our tracking keeps working even when browsers block third-party cookies.


What should best-in-class tracking do?
Best-in-class tracking should be invisible yet powerful—accurate, reliable, and consistent, no matter the platform or device. Plus, it should keep up with new rules and tech changes, protect user privacy and give clear, useful data to advertisers and publishers.



Tell us some of the work you’re doing to push its adoption.
We are continuously improving our tech, chatting with experts and connecting with our community through workshops and seminars to stay up to date on trends and advanced tracking solutions.


App tracking tends to get overlooked. What are you doing to make sure it doesn’t?
We place a strong emphasis on mobile and app tracking, ensuring our attribution will work also on mobile devices including a fallback to the desktop funnel. We give the highest priority to the testing phase together with the advertiser before we go live and monitor the performance of the campaign regularly (cross-device) to guarantee accuracy.


There’s so much confusion about tracking because every network uses different terms. Is it essentially all the same?
While the basic goal of tracking—attributing actions to the right source—is shared across networks, the methodologies can vary significantly. At financeAds, we focus on transparency and clarity in how our tracking works, which helps demystify the process for our partners.


What does the future of affiliate tracking look like?
The future of affiliate tracking at financeAds is geared towards greater automation, enhanced accuracy and deeper integration into advertisers’ marketing stacks. As the digital world changes, so will our tracking tech, making sure it stays strong and up-to-date.


Thank you to Cristian, if you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please email him.