A few years ago the affiliate industry pooled resources to create a guide that addressed a few issues. First off, we wanted to show how we’re a first-party cookie channel, so the disappearance of third-party cookies had no consequence for those making use of the latest tracking technology.

Secondly, when you hear that regulators are scrutinising how data is used to track consumers using display and programmatic activity (the ads that follow you around on the web), that’s not the affiliate channel. We’re a data-light, privacy-conscious channel and need basic bits of information to keep your marketing campaigns running uninterrupted.

So we pooled expertise from a group of companies and produced this great introductory guide. And it’s yours for free. While there’ve been a few changes in the last couple of years, the principles remain the same, so take a look at our updated version for 2024.

Download your starter’s guide to affiliate and partner marketing tracking.