This content has been authored by Bryony Hatherley, Publisher Director at Webgains. Webgains is one of The APMA’s founding members. Webgains is a world-class affiliate network, supporting affiliates and publishers. They combine cutting-edge technology to kickstart campaigns. 

One of the most exciting aspects of the affiliate industry is its dynamic nature and the evolution of diverse publisher types. As an affiliate network, this means we can present our clients with a multitude of partner solutions, demonstrating various methods for reaching audiences and boosting conversions.

At Webgains, we oversee a large array of unique and innovative publishers, each with the potential to yield significant results for brands. We’re continually looking to work with publishers who are changing up the industry, whether that’s through customer acquisition via distinctive means or providing brands with a more adaptable commercial framework.

It’s key for brands to build a varied publisher portfolio to see success, so I’ve carefully curated a selection of partners whom I believe not only accelerate sales but can cultivate measurable change when utilising their USPs. You won’t be surprised to hear that all the partners below can be connected with on the Webgains affiliate network!

1. Linkby: Changing how brands test campaigns with content.
Content can be an incredibly effective tool, but it often comes with costly requirements. Linkby offers an accessible approach to collaborating with content sites where brands can upload campaign details they wish to publish, and control the timings, budgets, and publishers that they want to collaborate with while easily tracking performance. With Linkby, brands only incur costs for the clicks leading back to their website from the published article, based on an agreed-upon CPC model with budget limits.

Testing content on this type of commercial model is a game changer, as it means brands can have products featured in pertinent articles across premium sites without a hefty upfront payment. One fashion brand we work with saw their ROI double in a single month (their first month with Linkby), a strong conversion rate of 3.6%, and an overall increase in top-of-funnel activity, boosting results towards the end of a promotional campaign.

For more information, please visit Linkby’s website.

2. Tyviso: Changing how brands grow their audiences.
Tyviso is the driving force behind a rapidly growing industry concept: brand-to-brand partnerships. Leveraging their white-label tech platform and granting access to a network of over 5,000 brands, Tyviso facilitates connections between brands, fostering mutually beneficial and relevant partnerships. Utilising a strategy akin to “audience swapping”, brands can engage audiences based on the relevance of their purchases from non-competing but suitably related brands (pre-approved and selected by one another).

This approach, through tactics like gift-with-purchase or post-purchase discounts, ultimately incentivises spending, as demonstrated by a pet food brand on the Webgains network. The client found that offering post-purchase codes led to an overall increase in AOV compared to other partners and a significant 13% conversion rate. Tyviso is adding a new dimension to the affiliate landscape and changing how brands can effectively “partner” with others, free from costs or additional commercial procedures with lengthy sign-off processes.

For more information, please visit Tyviso’s website.

3. Kindred: Changing purchases into donations.
Webgains is the first B Corp-certified network, so we keep an eye on those publishers that centre their proposition around sustainability and purpose. Shoppers are increasingly interested in the overall impact their spending habits have globally; for example, a study found that 60% of consumers would pay more for a product with sustainable packaging. One exciting development within affiliates is the emergence of “sustainable” partners, those who not only provide exposure for clients but do so with a clear and positive mission to drive inspirational change.

One great example of this, is Kindred, a social enterprise that directs 51% of its profits towards charitable and environmental initiatives. Kindred’s USP instigates change by linking customers with brands while also contributing to meaningful planetary causes through the purchasing decisions they make. Kindred can be used to support charitable causes when shoppers buy online. This publisher proudly boasts the planting of over 260,000 trees since its inception, directly attributable to its eco-conscious audience.

For more information, please visit Kindred’s website.

4. Treeapp: Changing ad space into a force for good.
Another crucial publisher (with B Corp certification) championing change for the better is Treeapp. This solution pioneers a distinctive green advertising model with campaigns operating on price per impression. Brands can purchase impression packages that users can engage with, and once the ad is viewed in full, the viewer is given the opportunity to pick where they’d like the Treeapp team to plant a tree.

The brand is also featured within a collection of all Treeapp’s partners, so they are indefinitely aligned with the publisher’s message and visible to all users of the app. Brands have various avenues to choose from when it comes to showing support for this sustainable initiative while also trying to reach their own KPIs, e.g., planting a tree for every product sold, every new download, or every new email sign up.

For more information, please visit Treeapp’s website.

In Summary
The partners highlighted above are just some of those redefining the affiliate industry. I am confident that there are even more innovative opportunities ahead from publishers to aid with conversion rates and customer acquisition. We look forward to collaborating with these partners as they continue to reshape the affiliate landscape.


About the Author:

With almost a decade of experience in the affiliate industry, Bryony has vast experience across the landscape working within content publishers, media agencies, and in-house for a client. Joining Webgains three years ago, she currently leads the Publisher Team in their management of long-term affiliate partnerships and supports the Webgains portfolio of clients in finding exciting publishers to grow their affiliate program.

To find out more about Webgains and to get in touch with them, please visit their website.