Webgains, one of our founding members, have recently launched their new podcast – Thinking Forwards. We caught up with Rob Atkinson, International Marketing Manager, to find out more.

You’ve recently launched the Webgains Thinking Forwards podcast, why did you decide to launch a podcast series?
We always want to put out content that is digestible not only for the members of our affiliate network but also for the wider digital marketing community that may follow us on social media. The podcast medium is super flexible from our perspective as the producer but I think for the listener too. Each episode from Thinking Forwards is quite short at around 20-minutes in length. It’s just so easy for those that are interested in the content to listen along at their convenience. We know that some of our staff and clients have been listening in their car, whilst walking to work, and even in the gym. Simply, it’s the best format for our busy lives!


What can listeners expect to hear and learn from tuning in?
Thinking Forwards is an affiliate marketing podcast at its heart but a couple of the topics we cover are quite expansive in terms of their subjects in relation to the core of what we do in the channel. For example, in one episode we’ve got our Account Managers talking about how advertisers can and should be using their network more, and then in another we’re emphasising how a purpose-led strategy is a must to future proof your business. The former topic is more obvious in the context of affiliate marketing, whilst the latter challenges all of us – affiliate marketer or otherwise – to understand our place in the world and prepare to keep growing as it changes.

The one thing each topic discussed has in common is that they’re all things that we as a network, are extremely passionate about. To listen to Thinking Forwards us to understand who we are and what kind of things we stand for as a collective.

Do you have a favourite or ‘must listen’ episode?
My favourite episode personally is ‘How to Use Your Affiliate Network Properly’. I say this for two reasons: First, because there are so many super-actionable and tangible tips in there for advertisers and second because it gives voice and a platform to a few of our amazing younger team members – Bryony, Ashleigh and Mei – who really are the future of Webgains and affiliate marketing in general. Having said this is my pick, I would say if any of the conversations are must-listen in an objective sense, then it has to be ‘We Need to Talk About Tracking’ with Webgains Chief Technology Officer, Sam Rodman. We’ve timed its release nicely with The APMA’s (Webgains supported!) Cracking Tracking campaign and its an opportunity for us to take our stance in the affiliate tracking discussion. As a network and a technology company, we need to lead on this, and through Sam’s expertise and vast knowledge, that is exactly what we are doing. You’ll have to listen to find out how!

Where can people listen in/watch the podcast and catch up on any episodes they’ve missed?
New episodes of Thinking Forwards are released at 11AM GMT every Tuesday, with our final episode of the series coming out on March 19th. They’re all available to stream via Spotify or YouTube. You can find the links by following our socials or just search ‘Webgains Thinking Forwards’ and it’ll all be there. I would finally say to anyone interested that we also have video recordings of every episode available, if you’d prefer to watch rather than listen. Again these are on both Spotify and YouTube, so be sure to subscribe to be kept up to date. Some handy links are below.


A big thanks to Rob, don’t forget to listen to the Thinking Forwards podcast for some great content and discussion. You can find out more about the Webgains business on their website or on their APMA profile.