In our second of a series, and first of 2024, we hear from Affiliate Motion, one of our founding Silver members. We spoke to its Founder Simos Vlassis about his business, why he chose to join The APMA and what trends he thinks will be important in 2024.

Tell us a little bit about Affiliate Motion is a premier affiliate marketing agency, utilising custom technologies for recruitment and analytics. Specialising in e-commerce and travel, we excel in formulating global campaigns for clients with a broad footprint. With my 17 years of industry expertise, is dedicated to providing personalised solutions and inventive strategies, ensuring our clients achieve maximum results in the dynamic environment of affiliate marketing.

What do you feel you bring to the affiliate mix?
With our extensive industry experience and in depth understanding of affiliate marketing, we can help clients to achieve their desirable results. One size doesn’t fit all and we pride ourselves in offering a personalised approach to each and every client for achieving optimal results.

When you speak to your clients, what is their general feeling towards the affiliate and partner marketing channels?
Many merchants focus almost exclusively on the number of affiliates joining the programme and commission rates, ignoring the need for optimisation or the quality of recruited affiliates. This oversimplified approach conflicts with the strategic approach required for long-term success. Affiliate marketing encompasses a spectrum of approaches, offering a versatile channel. Therefore, focusing only on quantity over quality contradicts with the channel’s versatility and potential.

What could The APMA be doing to help build closer relationships with them and secure bigger budgets?
Educating all stakeholders about the multifaceted nature of affiliate marketing, managing expectations regarding timelines, and emphasising the need for a well-thought-out strategy are key steps in fostering a more accurate understanding of the channel’s dynamics. Ultimately, a balanced and informed perspective will help all involved parties to maximise the true potential of affiliate marketing.

Why did you want to become a founding member of The APMA?
Over the years, our industry standards evolved significantly but we believe there is still a lot of work to be done. A professional body can help the industry to raise standards further, as well as to lead the stakeholders education.

Are there any specific APMA projects that you want Affiliate Motion to lead on?
Accreditation of all stakeholders. Either you are an agency, client, network or affiliate, an accreditation scheme, will help to change negative perceptions and raise the channel’s credibility.

What is the number one topic you think the industry should be tackling in 2024?
Tracking, as it is probably the foundation of our industry. Accurate tracking and better attribution, will ensure not only a fair affiliate compensation, but most importantly, will raise confidence in the channel.

What other trends are you anticipating will be front of mind?
AI enabled affiliates and AI tools for Advertisers and Agencies. The integration of AI technologies will offer new opportunities for programme management and optimisation.

Thanks to Simos, if you want to find out more about Affiliate Motion and discover more about their services, why not visit their APMA profile.