This week in our Meet the Member series, we speak to David Ayre, Chief Informations Officer from, one of The APMA’s founding members. David talks all things, why they’ve joined The APMA and what trends he thinks will be important in 2024.


Tell us a little bit about is an award-winning shopper journey optimisation platform empowering online retailers to engage and convert shoppers. Founded in 2014 (as Smarter Click), we are a team of over 50 CRO experts, helping to enhance the sales potential of ecommerce websites with personalised engagement tools that turn browsers into shoppers. Our intelligent overlays, email remarketing, voucher code analytics and deep insights help affiliate marketers understand and enhance shopper journeys by engaging in the most relevant way, guiding them through the funnel. We help over 800 global brands to achieve their ecommerce goals, and partner with over 150 major affiliate networks and agencies.


What do you feel you bring to the affiliate mix?
We’re committed to driving value for brands and optimising experiences for consumers, and our innovative tech solutions continue to evolve to meet their needs. We work with affiliate marketers to help them truly understand shopper journeys, offering solutions and strategies that better target them at all funnel stages. As CRO experts, we continually look for ways to optimise campaigns to achieve a wide range of KPIs, including super-charging conversion rates, rescuing cart abandonment, boosting AOVs & revenue, shifting certain stock lines, upselling, bundling, and much more. Get in touch to find out more!


When you speak to your clients, what is their general feeling towards the affiliate and partner marketing channels?
In short – positive! Generally clients are wanting to find new ways of innovating and enhancing their affiliate and partner marketing channels, that in turn helps showcase the successes of their work and the industry.


What could The APMA be doing to help build closer relationships with them and secure bigger budgets?
Helping to raise awareness of the affiliate channel to internal stakeholders within our client’s companies. Many other departments within those businesses can help support affiliate teams, and becoming less siloed will have a positive impact on the channel.


Why did you want to become a founding member of The APMA?
We were excited about the launch of The APMA and are proud to support them as a founding member. We’ve always been committed to driving value for brands and proving the effectiveness of the channel with our evolving tech solutions and data insights. The affiliate marketing community will benefit greatly from this new collaborative approach to raising standards and driving the channel forward.


Are there any specific APMA projects that you want to be part of?
We’re happy to get stuck in on all of them!


What is the number one topic you think the industry should be tackling in 2024?
The ongoing issue of cookie tracking, and understanding how the future of the industry will be shaped in a tighter cookie-controlled world.


What other trends are you anticipating will be front of mind?
The challenges of securing budget pots from outside the channel, calculating customer lifetime value (LTV), and the potential consolidation of affiliate industry businesses will all big trends to focus on in 2024.


Thanks to David, if you want to find out more about, please visit their APMA profile.